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Recent Aviation News

Nigrian Airspace Management Agency

The Nigerian Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) has thrown it weight behind the Federal Government’s efforts to sanitize the aviation industry of impunity and corrupt practices. Just as they have also called on government to hasten the ongoing investigation of the agency and appointment of a substantive Managing Director or immediately appoint in acting capacity, a competent person equally qualified to be appointed as Managing Director.This they posited is in accordance with the provision of NAMA Establishment Act No.48 Part IV section 8 subsection 2(d) of 1999 (a person who possesses relevant and adequate professional qualifications in a senior management cadre and shall have been so qualified for a period of not less than fifteen years.).”

The symbol of Aviation Communication

NIGERIA Aviation sector has witnessed numerous incidents that claimed the lives of so many air passengers in recent years, the cause of which is yet to be made public, although some of them were unofficially attributed to human errors. Understandably, air traffic controllers are no longer taking anything for granted, as they are ready to raise the alarm over any situation they consider not in line with safety tradition. Recently, the air traffic workers, under the aegis of Nigeria Air Traffic Controllers’ Association (NATCA) cried out over the deteriorating state of some of the communication equipment at the nation’s airports.

Self Discharging Aircraft Innovation

ENGINEERS have revealed a radical new way to save plane passengers in the event of an emergency. The design shows an aircraft with a detachable cabin that releases in emergency situations, during take-off, landing or flight, the redesigned cabin is released from the aircraft and touches down on water or land, saving everyone’s lives on board. “Surviving in a plane crash is possible,” Vladimir Tatarenko, an aviation engineer, told LiveLeak. “While aircraft engineers all over the world are trying to make planes safer, they can do nothing about the human factor.” Tatarenko is the mastermind behind the design and has been working on this project for the past three years, according to Independent.

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