Arik Air offers to sponsor Larry Ekundayo’s fight in Nigeria

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Coach Daniel Adekunle (left), Olusegun Ajose, Chairman Arik Air, Sir Joseph Arumemi-Ikhide, Larry Ekundayo and Deputy Managing Director of Arik Air, Captain Ado Sanusi, during the visit of the London-based Nigerian Boxers, Larry the Natural Ekundayo and Olusegun Ajose to Arik Air in Lagos… yesterday.
Coach Daniel Adekunle (left), Olusegun Ajose, Chairman Arik Air, Sir Joseph Arumemi-Ikhide, Larry Ekundayo and Deputy Managing Director of Arik Air, Captain Ado Sanusi, during the visit of the London-based Nigerian Boxers, Larry the Natural Ekundayo and Olusegun Ajose to Arik Air in Lagos… yesterday.
West Africa’s largest carrier, Arik Air, has offered to sponsor one of the fights of London-based boxer, Larry ‘The Natural’ Ekundayo, in Nigeria.
Speaking when the welterweight boxer – who is on the sponsorship bill of Arik Air – paid a courtesy visit to the airline’s head office in Ikeja, Lagos,
Chairman of the airline, Sir Joseph Arumemi-Ikhide, said his organisation would be willing to pick up the bill for the fight in Nigeria.
He expressed his happiness with Larry’s progress in professional boxing and promised to be present at the ringside when he fights for the African Boxing Union (ABU) crown in London this October.
The Arik Air Chairman disclosed that his interest in boxing and sports generally was influenced by his late father, who was a boxing enthusiast.
Source: The Guardian


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